I expect my audience to be beginners or new players playing Genshin Impact. My guides are designed with simplicity. As I write with the intention to help new players with the game, I try to write my guides at a high level. While writing I always try to remove anything complicated and leave that information for the additional resources I provide at the bottom of my posts.

Although I may need to explain some things about the game that may be complicated, some of my posts are designed so that you already know some of the details of what I am explaining. For example, for my character build posts, I expect the audience reading this to have the character or is planning on pulling for the character. Therefore, I expect the audience to have some form of knowledge of the character before reading these types of posts. My initial two posts were posted as a means of trying to prepare some basic knowledge about the game before I start posting my character builds. If a similar case happens I plan on making a separate post before making my main post that requires some other knowledge beforehand.

My guides are usually not for experienced players because I go over a lot of basic knowledge that experience players already know. However, if possible In the future, I may add different forms of guides so that I can attract different kinds of players and not only new players.

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